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Beth Davidow

Beth was born near the Florida Everglades where, growing up, her parents instilled in her a love of nature and a curiosity about the outdoor world and nearby ocean that she continues to explore. As a kid, she was always out & about, collecting bugs & birds, and taking classes such as astronomy & marine biology at the local science museum. Beth hold's a Bachelor's degree in natural sciences from Auburn University and a Master's degree in museum science and vertebrate paleontology from Texas Tech University where she helped operate the planetarium, participated in many dinosaur digs, and curated museum collections. Beth is a member of the AAUW and the Society of Women Geographers.

During summer breaks at Tech, Beth began work in the outdoors, combining her love of geology, biology& photography into the job of naturalist. In 1986 she began a career as a naturalist, working in Petrified Forest, Glacier, and Denali National Parks as a National Park Service ranger and naturalist guide interpreting the geology, biology, history, and wildlife of the areas for park visitors. Later, Beth spent many years traveling on expedition ships as a naturalist in places such as the Sea of Cortez, the Caribbean, the Chilean Fjords, the Amazon, Alaska's Inside Passage, and Antarctica where her diverse lectures reflect her interest and passion in the natural world. She also works on private yacht charters in Alaska as a naturalist/mate/ photographer-guide.

Before turning to filmmaking, Beth enjoyed a successful career as a wildlife and nature photographer and writer. Her images and articles appeared in publications such as National Geographic Traveler, National Wildlife, Sierra Club, Audubon, GEO Germany, Outdoor Life, Montana, Nature's Best, Florida Wildlife, Alaska, WildBird, Ranger Rick, and many other magazines, books, calendars, and advertisements worldwide.

Since 2005, Beth has partnered with marine wildlife cinematographer Tom Campbell (www.tomcampbell.com), producing award-winning documentaries for various clients. Beth & Tom currently are working on their own project, Ocean GEMS (www.ocean-gems.org), a multi-media series and outreach program that connects girls to women marine scientist role models to inspire investigation of ocean science adventures & careers. They film with the EPIC 5K digital cinema cameras to gather the highest quality material.

To learn more about the world she lives in, Beth loves to travel to wild places to film the lives of animals and the habitats in which they live. Of special interest to her is documenting the work of scientists dedicated to gathering the information upon which conservation guidelines are established to help preserve our amazing world. From polar bears to penguins, Beth has had fascinating adventures between the poles including 5 weeks spent as a guide with polar bears in the Canadian Arctic, camping among musk ox in Greenland, swimming with humpback whales in Tonga and giant mantas in Mozambique, hiking among the wild creatures of the North American Rockies and Alaska, scuba diving various ecosystems of the world, and perambulating with penguins on 14 voyages to Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands.

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